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A new wind is blowing in the world of model trains in Japan. Our brand name is "Rokuhan". This name refers to the distance between the rails of 6.5mm. So Rokuhan will specialize in Z scale railroad models and Z gauge track. The following are our company goals:

  1. Rokuhan will start our design of roadbed track including a range of curved, straight, track including turnout switches or points. Then, we would like to offer model trains, model buildings, a power pack or controller for our trains, and others accessories all in Z scale.
  2. Rokuhan is a group of technical experts. All of our products are planned and designed in Japan. Our production is in China.
  3. Rokuhan will produce products that take advantage of their small size which is the biggest feature of Z scale. Our focus is on the small layout, with small trains, and small structures, to provide model railroad picture which is fun for viewing, building, and of course, running and showing.
  4. All of Rokuhan products are made of a scale of 1:220.

Rokuhan started with the above-mentioned aims. We are all working toward making a new splash in the world of Z scale model railroading. In achieving these goals we would like to listen to our customers as much as we can.

Rokuhan eyes the global market so please feel free to contact us.